Evans & Green Collection Manager Earns IACC Certification

Dan Tenney has been designated as a Certified Commercial Collector by the International Association of Commercial Collectors.

IACC Certified Commercial Collectors must pass a rigorous exam that consists of industry specific questions relevant to commercial collections and focuses on the duties and responsibilities of commercial collectors.  The exam was designed and written by some of the top commercial collectors in the industry.

Members of the IACC recover millions of dollars annually for their clients and provide invaluable assistance to credit departments in controlling mounting debts.  IACC Certified Commercial Collectors are educated and tested on all facets of commercial collections and are therefore better able to provide credit grantors with the expert collection services that are needed in today’s competitive business world.

Dan joined E&G in early 2017, bringing with him a wealth of experience in public affairs (US ARMY), online marketing/research, event & personnel management and other creative applications. This “cocktail” of experience and skills gives E&G an edge in person and asset skip-tracing, settlement negotiations, and conflict resolution.


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