Areas of Practice

evansglogo1DOUGEvans & Green LLC uses an innovative combination of attorneys, collection specialists, a state-of-the-art computer system and many investigative  tools  to ensure our clients receive highly efficient and effective service to collect debt that is owed to them.  This innovative combination has yielded solid results for our clients.  It is also effective when debtors have filed bankruptcy and there are still opportunities to collect.

Our clients are individuals and businesses, and we also represent landlords in rent and possession cases.  We are experienced in all aspects of debt collection, and pride ourselves on maintaining strong and collaborative relationships with our clients.


Sometimes debtors quickly respond to the fact that their creditor has hired an attorney.  They may pay the debt off or mktgPastDueenter into a settlement or payment agreement that is acceptable to the client.

Should a debtor be unwilling or claim to be unable to pay their debt, Evans & Green LLC is highly experienced in taking legal action to cause the debtor to be ordered by the court to pay the debt.  A judgment (court order) opens the door to a variety of legal remedies for collection.

Debtors can be offered the opportunity to pay in full or enter into a settlement or payment agreement that is acceptable to the client.  Evans & Green LLC also has at its disposal investigative and legal tools that help us identify a debtor’s sources of income and any property of value they may have.  We are able to discover a debtor’s place of employment, banking information, ownership of vehicles, real estate or other property of value, and our attorneys often conduct post judgment depositions during which debtors are ordered by the court to reveal  their financial history, income, and assets.

Once a debtor’s sources of income and any property of value are identified, Evans & Green LLC can move forward with garnishing income and levying on property.


While it is true that once a debtor files bankruptcy all collection activities mktgBankruptcyAddTomust stop, it does not necessarily mean the ability to collect debt ends.  Evans & Green LLC attorneys are extremely experienced in representing our clients throughout the bankruptcy process.

Most importantly, our attorneys file Proofs of Claim for our clients.  A Proof of Claim is a written statement that notifies the bankruptcy court, debtor, trustee and other interested parties that a creditor wishes to assert its right to receive a distribution (pay out) from the bankruptcy estate.  Further, our attorneys can deal with any objections to our client’s claim.


A problem tenant is one who does not pay rent, causes damage to a building mktgEvictionor home or fails to adhere to the terms of a lease.

Evans & Green LLC is well versed in eviction proceedings, rent and possession and unlawful detainer cases.  Our collection specialists are always available to follow-up in regard to collecting past due rent or other charges that may have been left unpaid by tenants.

*Past results do not predict future results